Uncover a one-of-a-kind enchanted surrounding at Hotel Chres.

Our upscale hotel in Kochi features a premier location close to Kochi Castle, stunning nature which inspired Ryoma Sakamoto for his ambitious insights. Whether you are traveling for business, sightseeing picturesque sceneries of Shikoku Mountains and Kuroshio Coastlines or visiting 88 temples associated with the Shikoku Pilgrimage, you will be delighted to have relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable stays at our hotel.

The unique blend of style and authentic Japanese hospitality makes it one of the finest hotels in Kochi.



Free Wi-Fi

Free bicycle rental

Free parking



You will be welcomed by our staff’s smiles and friendly greetings.
At Chres we pay attention to genuine care and high-quality customer services.

We offer a variety of services. You will enjoy elegant and luxurious time and ambience with live piano music in the lobby.

Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 11:00
Our carefully curated Gift Shop makes it easy to indulge yourself or a loved one with uniquely local, popular goods and souvenir that can only be seen in Kochi and nowhere else in Japan.
You can relax with afternoon tea in the spacious and welcoming lobby.
  • Internet corner
  • Laundromat
  • Vending machine corner
  • Delivery/Shipping
  • Cleaning – Laundry service
  • Taxi and sightseeing tour arrangement
  • Golf arrangement

  • 155 Takasu-sunaji Kochi-shi Kochi 781-8101 Japan
  • 81-88-866-7000
  • 81-88-866-7017
  • Email:


Comfortable, cozy and relaxing time and space.

Chres creates the ideal environment for you to enjoy time and space orchestrated by detailed hospitality and thoughtful interior design and décor.

Guest Rooms

Guest rooms combine simple elegance and classic details with stylish antique furniture. With a unique set of services and amenities, we ensure an added measure of excellence for your stay.

Check-in 15:00/Check-out 11:00

Single Room

We cater to modern business travelers who need an environment where they can work yet need to rest and relax. Each room accommodates every modern comfort with reliable Wi-Fi, Internet access and a desk to keep you at your peak productivity. A spacious room ensures your relaxation and recharge your physical and spiritual energy. Our space comfortably creates the ambiance of home and office away.

Twin Room

Each room has the different décor and interior design to maximize your comfort and relaxation. You can embrace the different impression at your next visit, while evoking pleasant memories of your last visit. It is the standard room with the upscale quality.

Japanese Room

Coordinated with unpretentious décor and accented by modern simplicity, a calming Japanese room accommodates our traditional living in a Tatami-matted room with a spacious bathing facility for those guests who seek private and comfortable bathing in their own room. As a typical Japanese bathroom, the washing area and bathing area are separate in the bathroom. It is popular for traveling families with children and elderly parents. Guests can enjoy and experience precious, authentic cultural moments.

Accessible Room – Barrier Free

Our accessible Double rooms have features to help guests with additional access requirements for their comfortable stays. Our accessible rooms on perfectly leveled floor are designed for wheelchair users and elderly guests with a larger space for ease of movement and an additional chair next to Bathtub for ease of bathing.

Junior Suite Room

The amenities, ranging from small details to glamorous décor in the bedroom connected to the additional living space, evoke an elegant space with a serene, gratifying ambience. The gorgeous Junior Suite Rooms promise delightful and intimate experiences and relaxing and unimaginable time for frequent travelers.

Suite Room

For the guests who want the highest luxury, elegance and gratification. Suite Rooms (680 SF) combine a European-style, masterpiece bedroom and traditional Japanese living room, distinguished by Ryukyu Tatami-matted floor and exquisite antique furniture. With so much glamor inside, the gorgeous Suite Rooms promise you unforgettable and delightful experiences.



Restaurant - ANTIQUE

Chef’s ingenious attention to seasonal delights of “Shun”

Besides Kochi’s famous fish industry, its land is rich for agriculture of vegetables and fruits, most of which are only celebrated in their prime season for a short period of time.
With different “Shun” ingredients, Chef indulges you with enticing, exquisite delights.

The restaurant is open except Wednesday.
Breakfast time : 7:00~9:00(Please enter the restaurant until 8:30)
Lunch time : 11:00~14:30(order stop 14:00)
Dinner time: 17:00~21:00(order stop 20:00)
※Our regular closing day is every Wednesday.
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Yokujo Bath – Communal Bath

Communal bathing in hot spring is one of the beloved traditional culture of Japanese.
There is nothing more relaxing than soaking an achy body after a long day and quietly lying back to rejuvenate in a spacious, warm bath.
Refresh your soul and body in indoor Yokujo with your family, friends and other guests.
Sauna accommodates an elevated state of rejuvenation and renewal.

Yokujo and Sauna are free for guests.
Daily: 15:00 - 23:00 Sunday to Saturday, except Tuesday 16:00 - 23:00
Morning Hours: 6:00 - 9:00


Exercise and Activities

Whether you are a competitive or recreational player, enjoy playing on the tennis courts or playing golf at our popular driving range for fun and your wellbeing.
Play and swim in the pool and water slides suitable for different ages for fun in Summer.

  • 155 Takasu-sunaji, Kochi-shi, Kochi 781-8101 Japan
  • 81-88-866-7000
  • 81-88-866-7017
  • Email:

Map and Direction

Transportation from Kochi Ryoma Airport

  • Public Airport Bus (Kochi Ekimae Kanko or Tosaden Kotsu) from Kochi Ryoma Airport to Kochi Train Station (Dosansen Lines), 45 minutes.

    Kochi Train Station by Taxi to Chres Hotel, 10 minutes.

By car

  • Kochi Expressway (Toll-Road) Kochi Interchange, 5 minutes
  • Take exit at Kochi Interchange at the sign “Katsurahama/Godaisan/Museum” direction. Take the left interchange where the Interchange forks towards the “Katsurahama/Godaisan” direction. Drive to Kochi Prefectural Route #44. Continue to the destination on the left of Route 44 within 3 minutes.
  • Nangoku Interchange

    20 minutes from Kochi Expressway Nangoku Interchange.

Chres is located between temple number 30th and 31st

  • ㉘ 大日寺 - 9.0km → ㉙ 国分寺 - 7.0km → ㉚ 善楽寺 - 3.5km → セリーズ - 3.5km → ㉛ 竹林寺 - 5.7km → ㉜ 禅師峰寺 - 7.5km → ㉝ 雪蹊寺 - 6.3km → ㉞ 種間寺
  • There is an important culture property called Tosa Shrine. (next to ㉚善楽寺)
  • The Special Price For The Ohenro

    Room only: 5,500yen(with tax)
    With breakfast: 7,300yen(with tax)
    With breakfast and dinner: 14,300yen(with tax)
    ※Our regular closing day is every Wednesday.
    ※You can use the restaurant even if you do not have a reservation for dinner.